Julius Führer Works About Contact


I am based in Berlin and work in design and art.

Artist Statement

I'm Julius Führer. I am an artist and designer who recently graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) with a research-based multimedia work exploring the intersection of natural and technological networks.
During my studies, I acquired expertise in new technologies and their impact on our environment, in addition to skills in research, conceptualization, and analogue and digital prototyping.
I engage in artistic research and experimentation with human creation and its impact on and role in contemporary society as well as its environment, aiming to stimulate thought and discussion and expand a theoretical discourse.
My works often feature narrative-speculative concepts that find form by combining physical objects and video as well as photographs.


2015 - 21 University of Arts Berlin
    part of New Media Class by Prof. Joachim Sauter (later Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä)
    part of IDK by Prof. Axel Kufus

2019 – 2020 École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Paris     Object Design studies

2018 – 21 TUTOR at the FabLab of the design department

2018 – 19 TUTOR at IDK by Prof. Axel Kufus

2020 TUTOR for Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä’s

2020 – INTERNSHIP at Studio Julius von Bismarck

2021 - PRODUCTION ASSISTANT at Studio Julius von Bismarck

2021 - MENTOR for Wissenschaft im Dialog in the Make Your School workshops


2023 Vorspiel Transmediale, PRESENT IM/POSSIBILITIES
    exhibiting project A Thousand Seeds or the Right to Becoming

2020 Lille Metropole 2020, World Design Capital
    exhibiting project Multiplicité des Lieux

2017 ­ The Love School Project at Galerie Erstererster in Berlin
    exhibiting project Kusanya

2017 ­ The Love School Project at State of Design in Berlin
    exhibiting project Kusanya

2016 - 22 Rundgang of the University of Arts Berlin


2022 Graduation project presentation of A Thousand Seeds or the Right to Becoming
     at UdK Berlin Rundgang

2022 Input presentation Situierte Gestaltung - Das Entwerfen für mögliche Welten (Situated Design - Designing for possible worlds)
    at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle for the project Komplexes Gestalten: Phänomenal! Kooperative Machenschaften