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Suicidal Instruments

Designed Objects

Suicde is still tabooed while a discussion could actually end myths and disbeliefs about it.
It is a common phenomenon in our society. So why are there no designed tools./ to commit suicide?
Suicide is mostly committed through the use of tools and objects that are not designed for that purpose. For example heroin is used as a drug but too much of it can kill you, a rope is not meant to hang yourself with and a gun is made to shoot other people not yourself.
Suicidal Instruments provides the possibility of suicide and aims to provoke a discussion over the acceptance of suicide and the power over one’s own life and death in our society.

Theoretical Approach

Albert Camus stated that there is only one truly philosophical problem and that is suicide. In “The Myth of Sisyphus” he describes suicide as a possibility to escape the absurdity of life.
Statistics of the WHO show that every 40 seconds someone commits suicide, while the number of attempts are estimated 20 times higher.
While Thomas Macho describes suicide in his book “Das Leben Nehmen - Suizid in der Moderne” as a possibility of power over one’s own life and that by taking it you make it yours.
Michel Foucault has already explored the question of legal access to methods of suicide in “Un plaisir si simple in: Dits et Ecrits”.

suicidal instruments - julius fuehrer
right angle gun

Right Angle Gun

If you want to shoot yourself, how to choose the right angle?

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right height rope

Right Height Rope

If you want to hang yourself, how to choose the right height?

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right amount syringe

Right Amount Syringe

If you want to overdose, how to choose the right amount?

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